Famous Greeks by name Giorgos or Georgios

The name Giorgos is one of the most popular names in Greece; thus, it comes as no surprise that there are many famous Greeks with the name Giorgos or Georgios .

Here we will be presenting a list of them, along with some pieces of info on who they are and why they are famous.

Famous Greeks by name Giorgos

  • Giorgos Papandreou: politician, currently the Prime Minister of Greece, son of another famous politician and prime minister, Andreas Papandreou
  • Georgios Seferis: poet, one of the two Nobel prize winning poets of Greece along with Odysseas Elytis.
  • Giorgos Dalaras: famous Greek singer, one of the most popular singers in the country
  • Giorgos Papanikolaou: doctor. Millions of women live due to his researches. He is the famous doctor who discovered Pap test for women.
  • Georgios Papadopoulos: dictator, one of the main protagonists of the junta regime in Greece during 1967-1974.
  • Giorgos (George) Moustaki: singer and composer who has worked and lived most of his time in France.
  • Giorgos Kyriacos Panayiotou ( mostly known as George Michael) singer-songwriter of Greek – Cypriot parents
  • Giorgos Theofanous : Greek composer
  • Giorgos Souris: Greek poet
  • Giorgos Alkaios: Greek singer
  • Giorgos Mazonakis: Greek singer
  • Giorgos (George) Livanos: Greek businessman and ship owner
  • Giorgos (George) Bizos, Greek  human rights advocate in South Africa
  • Georgios Karatzaferis: Greek politician, leader of the far right party
  • Georgios Karaiskakis: Greek hero of the revolution of 1821 against the Turkish occupation
  • Georgios Viziinos: Greek poet and author with exceptional work
  • Georgios Drosinis: Greek author and poet
  • Giorgos Margaritis: Greek singer
  • Georgios A: King of Greece the period 1863-1913. He was the King who ruled for the longest period in the history of Greece
  • Giorgos Gennimatas: a very popular Greek politician
  • Georgios Alexandros Magkakis: Greek academic and influential legal person in Greece
  • Giorgos Kaminis: currently the Mayor of the city of Athens
  • Giorgos Sabanis: Greek singer
  • Giorgos Mitsakis: Greek composer of laika songs
  • Giorgos Zambetas: Greek composer of laika songs, one of the most eccentric and popular Greek composers and lyric writers
  • Giorgos Katsaros: Greek composer
  • Giorgos Dimitriadis: Greek composer and singer
  • Giorgos Donis: Greek football player
  • Giorgos Sigalas: Greek basketball player
  • Giorgos Papadakis: Greek journalist
  • Giorgos Autias: Greek journalist
  • Giorgos Bouzianis: Greek painter
  • Giorgos Konstantinou: Greek actor
  • Giorgos Lanthimos: Greek director (Dog Tooth)
  • Giorgos Vogiatzis: Greek actor

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