Fani is a female Greek name, deriving from the name Theofania. Both Fani and Theofania are associated with the manifestation of God, as the word ‘theofania” in ancient Greek refers to the appearance of god to man. Fani is the female respective of Fanis and, thus, celebrates her nameday both on January 6th – the Epiphany day in Greece ( Theofania day )- and March 12th, the day of Saint Theofanis.

faniSound of name Fani:Fa-ní

Male version of name Fani: Fanis

Nameday of name Fani: January 6th – theofania, March 12th

Origin of name Fani

Name Fani derives from the name Theofania, which is the female respective of name Theofanis. Additional information on the name Theofanis and its origins can be found at the pertinent post for the name Theofanis.

Nicknames deriving from name Fani

As mentioned, Fani is a nickname, deriving from the name Theofania, which features a few more nicknames and diminutives. The most common ones are: Fanoula, Fanitsa, Nitsa, Theofano, Fania, Fenia

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Fani

Fani is a very charming woman who likes having close relationship with her family and friends. She is very rational and she is the right person to trust if you have any kind of problem.

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  1. The original female name Φανή comes from the homeric ancient greek word faos = light and means “appearence througt the light” . The same Φάνης as male name , which has been a complementary name for Apollo (” Φάνης Απόλλων”). Many words like φαντασία , φαεινός , φανός , φαίνω , φαινόμενο a.o. come from these ancient form

    Much later, from the vocals α+ο became ω and the word φάος became φως and so we have the new names Φώτης (male) and Φωτεινή (female) which have the same meaning as Φάνης and Φανή .
    From these newer form derive the word φωτογραφία and others . The names Θεοφανία and Θεοφάνης appear after Jesus bautism in the christian name tradition because of Theophaneia . Since then only Fani (and never the greek Φανή ) is the female nickname from Theofania and this in use only by the Catholics and Protestants , not in the greek orthodox name tradition

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