Georgia or Yeorgia

Georgia or Yeorgia is a Greek name, the female respective of name Giorgos or Yiorgos. Although not as common as the mail counterpart, Georgia is still a rather common name in Greece for women. Although similarly spelled in the Latin alphabet, the name Georgia sounds different in Greek than the English version, that is why we provide the alternative spelling (Yeorgia) as its sound resembles more to the original Greek.

georgiaSound of name Georgia: Ye-o-ryee’-a

Male version of name Georgia: Giorgos or Georgios

Nameday of name Georgia: Same as with Giorgos, the nameday of name Georgia is mobile, and depends on the day of the Orthodox Easter each year. If the Easter day is before April 23rd, Georgia and Giorgos celebrate their nameday on April 23rd and if it is later, the first day after the Easter Day.

Origin of name Georgia – Agios Georgios (St. George)

The word Georgia in Greek comes from the ancient times and is still in use, as it means “agriculture”. Therefore, Georgia is actually a woman working with the land. However, for the Greek Orthodox Church the name is associated with Agios Georgios (St George), one of the most important saints in the Greek Calendar. Additional information on Agios Georgios you can find at the pertinent post for Giorgos.

Nicknames deriving from name Georgia

Georgia has a few nicknames and diminutives in use: Georgoula, Georgitsa, Gitsa, Gogo, Georgette, Zeta or Zetta, Giorgia, Gogoula.

The names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Georgia

Georgia is a positive person, quite optimistic, looking at the bright side of things. She is always in the pursuit of happiness and she is quite inventive and bold.

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