Greek Names of Jesus Christ

In Greece, Jesus Christ is the savior, the cornerstone of the Orthodox Religion, thus, there are several different Greek names of Jesus Christ you can find in different religious documents and texts.

There are several parts in the Scripts where Jesus is mentioned with many different names; this is not accidental actually.

Each name of Jesus aims at showing a part of his character and his abilities, presenting him as the God of love, of mercy, of power, of dominance.

Each Greek name of Jesus bears a different notion, a different meaning.

Common Greek Names of Jesus

The most common and popular Greek names of Jesus Christ are the Messiah, the Savor, the God-Man, the Son of God. These are typically found in scripts and documents and are used in everyday discussions and references to Christ. But when it comes to religious and Church documents the variety is vaster and the meanings are multi-layered and deeper.  Some of the most common Greek Names of Jesus found in the Scripts are:

Amnos = Lamb. This name is found in the Apocalypse and obviously refers to Christ’s sacrifice for the mankind.

Anastasi kai Zoi (Sacrifice and Life): This Greek name of Jesus is found in John’s  Gospel and refers to the sacrifice, the crucifixion  and the after life given to Man by God through Jesus Christ.

icon of jesus christSeveral Greek names of Jesus contain the word Vassilias, which means ‘The King”. Therefore you can find references of Jesus Christ as Vassilias tis Doksas (King of Glory), Vassilias ton Vassiliadon (King of Kings, in the Apocalypse).

Other popular references and names of Jesus Christ contain the word Kyrios, which can be translated as “Lord”. Indeed, some common Greek names are: Kyrios Theos (Lord God), Kyrios ton dinameon (Lord of Powers), Kyrios panton (Lord of All). Referring to the dominating power of God and Christ, the word “Kyrios” also denotes the creative powers and the wisdom of the Creator.

The names Kalos Poimenas (Good Shepherd), Rabbi (Teacher), Sotiras (Savior), Gios tou Anthropou (Son of Man) refer to the particular relationship between the Christ and humans and the important role that Jesus played in the history and evolution of mankind and their beliefs.

Greek Names of Jesus Christ in the Gospels

The Gospels and the Acts or Epistles of the Apostles and other important men of the religion use these names to refer to Christ; this  important and influential personality exists in several different texts written in the Greek language, which was one of the commonly used languages – along with Aramaic – at that time.

The Greek names of Jesus are interesting in both religious and social ways, because they show not only the attributes of Christ, but also the perception of people towards him and his role in the Christian Religion. In Christmas time, when many people attend the mass, it is really worth listening to the gospels and scripts and notice the different Greek names of Jesus.

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