Haris is a female Greek name, commonly used in the northern islands of the Aegean and in some of the Cyclades islands. Haris is a name that derives from different names – it can be a nickname for Hariklia, Haralambia, Haritini, or it can be the main name, deriving from the Greek Mythology. In the Greek language, the name Haris means Grace and comes from the Three Graces of the Greek Antiquity.

harisSound of name Haris: Ha’-rees

Nameday of Name Haris: 28th of January

Male version of name Haris: N/A

Origin of name Haris – Martyr Haris

The name Haris derives from the ancient Greek word haris which means Grace. Indeed in the antiquity, the three graces were daughters of Zeus and Evrinomi. Their names were Aglaia, Efrosini and Thalia and they were the followers of Goddess Aphrodite. The Three Graces were associated with fertility, the Arts, beauty and creativity.
For the Greek Orthodox Church, there is a reference to a woman named Haris. She is a martyr for the Church, although almost nothing can be found about her life. The only known information is that Haris was amputated, but there is no additional information on the reasons why this happened. Her memory is celebrated on January the 28th.

Nicknames deriving from name Haris

There are no nicknames deriving from the name Haris; the only case where other diminutives and nicknames are found is when Haris comes from the above mentioned names.

The names Fairy reveals about the name Haris

Haris is a social person, loves the Arts and Creation and she can be a good influence for people, as she is usually kind and caring. She loves the family as an institution and she is very good with children .

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  1. Haris is a boys name, as well as a girls. My son is called Haris and his father is Greek, so he should know.
    It can be a name on its own or derivative of Haralambos. I know of other boys and men called Haris.


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