Iordanis is a male Greek name whose origins are found in the Hebrew language.

Iordanis is the name of the River Jordan, which flows between the countries of Jordan and Israel. The river’s name in Hebrew is Yarden, and it is derived from the word yarad meaning “descend” or “flow down”.

In the New Testament, John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ in its waters, but the name of the river was adopted as a personal name in Europe and Greece when the crusaders brought water back from the river to baptize their children.

Sound of name Iordanis: Ee-o-rdá-nees

Female Version of name Iordnis: Iordania (uncommon)

Nameday of Iordanis: January 6th

Origin of name Iordanis

The name Iordanis derives, as mentioned, from the name of River Jordan, where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist.

According to the gospels, in the 30th birthday of Jesus, John (the Baptist), son of  Zacharias and Elizabeth, was 6 months older than Christ and lived in the desert, preaching the baptism of repentance.

It was John the Baptist who baptized  Jesus in the Jordan river. During the time of Baptism, the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove came down from heaven on Jesus, while a voice was heard saying: “This Is Son, my dear and beloved Son”. This is mentioned by three of the four Evangelists: Matthew,  Mark and Loukas.

This is the only time of the appearance on Earth of the Holy and undivided Trinity, con-substantial and in full “mystery” of Divinity. This day is called the day of “theophany” (the day that God appeared),  because the voice of God was heard on the earth.

Nicknames deriving from name Iordanis

Iordanis does not have any nicknames or diminutives

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Iordanis

Iordanis is a sage and intellectual man, who likes participating in social life and activities.

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