Iraklis or Herakles

Iraklis or Herakles is a male Greek name, which originates from the ancient years and refers to the hero Hercules of the Greek mythology

The ancient Greek name Herakles or Iraklis derives from the words “hera” – the name of Goddess Hera (Ira in Greek) and the word “kleos” which means glory; therefore, Herakles means the glory of Hera.

Spelling Iraklis is closer to the original Greek spelling “Ηρακλής”.

male greek name iraklis

Sound of name Iraklis: Ee-ra-kleés

Female Version of name Iraklis: Irakleia

Nameday of Iraklis: April 10

Origins of name Iraklis – The 40 martyrs

For the Greek Orthodox Church, name Iraklis is associated with a man referred to in ecclesiastical books as one of the 40 martyrs who were tortured to death  along with St Maximus, Terentius and Africanus.

Although there is not enough information about him, the Greek Orthodox Church celebrates the memory and nameday of Iraklis on April 10th.

Nicknames deriving from name Iraklis

Iraklis does not have many nicknames or diminutives, as most of the ancient Greek names

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Iraklis

Iraklis is an honest man and a good friend, who does not forgive lies easily. He is usually into women with a maternal instinct.

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