Kiriakos or Kyriakos

Kiriakos is a male Greek name, the male respective of name Kiriaki. Kiriakos is not a word that means something in Greek, it is a name formed by the female name. Name Kiriakos is alternatively spelled Kyriakos.

male greek name kiriakosSound of name Kiriakos: Kee-ree-á-kos

Male Version of name Kiriakos: Kiriaki

Nameday of Kiriakos: July 7th

Origin of name Kiriakos – Agia Kiriaki (St Kiriaki)

Since Kiriakos derives from the name Kiriaki, it is also associated with Agia Kiriaki (St Kiriaki). You can read the details about Kiriaki’s life at the pertinent post for the name Kiriaki.

Nicknames deriving from the name Kiriakos

Kiriakos does not have many nicknames and diminutives. The only ones used – rarely – are, Kitsos and Akis.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Kiriakos

Kiriakos is a good hearted and hard working person, who likes good company and enjoys going out with friends. You will rarely hear him ranting about something and he is always willing to help his friends.

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  1. Of course the name has a meaning. It means “of the Lord”. The same is the meaning of the female equivalent Kyriaki. Both derive from the word “Kyrios” meaning “Lord”


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