Kyveli or Cybele

Kyveli is a female Greek name that exists since the antiquity, referring to very important Goddesses in the Phrygian and Greek Mythology.

The etymology of the name Kyveli is not known. The name is also spelled Cybele.

Female Greek name Kyveli

Sound of name Kyveli: Kee-vé-leeh

Male Version of name Kyveli: N/A

Nameday of Kyveli: N/A

Origin of name Kyveli

Kyveli is not a name included in the Orthodox Calendar, therefore has no nameday.

In the antiquity, Kyveli was a Phrygian goddess of fertility who found favor in Greece as well, in the fourth or fifth century B.C.

She was sometimes associated with Rea, the ancient Titan, as she, too, personified the Earth in its primitive state. In some cases, Kyveli was also known as Agdistis, who had some of the attributes of both a male and a female. Her attendant god was Attis; the cult of Cybele had a strong appeal for women.

With Gordius, king of Phrygia Kyveli bore a son, Midas, who is known for his golden touch.

Kyveli and Attis

Attis was a lesser god with whom the great goddess Kyveli fell in love. He is represented as a young, handsome shepherd.

Kyveli chose Attis as her priest and he had to take the vows of chastity. However, later he broke his vowss and in a fit of rage, Kyveli transformed him into a pine tree, or an almond tree.

The death of Attis and his rebirth as a tree were celebrated every year in ancient Greece, and later, in Rome. This is how the story of Kyveli is associated with fertility and rebirth.

In modern Greece, name Kyveli is associated with one of the greatest Greek actresses, Kyveli Andrianou (1877 – 1978).

Nicknames deriving from name Kyveli

Kyveli does not have any nicknames or diminutives

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Kyveli

Kyveli is a strong woman who does not change her mind easily. She can be a very emotional, but also very high strung and high tempered when things are not in her favor.


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