Leonidas is a male Greek name which is quite common in the Peloponnese Peninsula.

Leonidas comes from the Greek word leon, which means lion, and therefore, Leonidas is the brave man.

The name Leonidas is definitely associated with the great King Leonidas of Sparta, who fought to death with his 300 soldiers against the Persians in Thermopylae. It is said that name Leonidas became very popular the last few years, since the movie “300” was released.

male name leonidas

Sound of name Leonidas: Leh-oh-neé-das

Female Version of name Leonidas: Leonidi (not in use)

Nameday of Leonidas: April 15

Origin of name Leonidas – St Leonidas, the Bishop of Athens

Although name Leonidas is an ancient Greek name, the Orthodox Church associates it with a Bishop of Athens,  named Leonidas.

He died peacefully in 250AD after a long period of serving the religion and people. According to some references he martyred during the first years of his Church life, but they are not confirmed.

Nicknames deriving from name Leonidas

As most of the ancient Greek names, Leonidas does not have any nicknames or diminutives.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Leonidas

Leonidas is an ideologist, but since he is rigid he might hurt his friends without wanting it. He is monogamous and very fond of the family.

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  1. Leonidas comes from the ancient greek word leos which means “the people” … and Leonidas means the most loved by the people, not lion!


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