Lykourgos or Likourgos

Lykourgos is a Greek name whose roots are found in the ancient years.

Lykourgos is a male name which meant “deed of a wolf” from λυκος (lykos) meaning ” wolf” and εργον (ergon) meaning “deed, work”. It was the name of a famous Spartan leader and lawgiver: Lycurgus of Sparta.

Another common spelling of Lykourgos is Likourgos.

greek male name lykourgos

Sound of name Lykourgos: Lee-koó -rgos

Female Version of name Lykourgos: N/A

Nameday of Lykourgos: N/A

Origin of name Lykourgos – Lykourgos from Sparta

Lycourgos is not a Greek name included in the Orthodox Calendar, which means that it does not have a nameday.

The ancient Greek name Lykourgos (Lycurgus) refers to the King of Sparta, who was descended from Hercules and was the second prince in one of the two royal families of Sparta.

The people of Sparta admired the character of this man who could lay down the supreme power so easily out of respect for justice, so it was easy for him to rule the Spartans .

King Lycurgus of Sparta was the one who established the military-oriented reformation of the Spartan society. All these reforms aimed at establishing the 3 basic virtues, which were equality among citizens, military fitness, and austerity.

Nicknames deriving from name Lykourgos

Lykourgos does not have many nicknames and diminutives, same as most ancient Greek names

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Lykourgos

Lykourgos is a man who wants to have the upper hand in everything. He likes talking about science and legal cases and he is always willing to learn new things.

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