Mando or Manto

Mando or Manto is a female Greek name deriving from the Greek word “mantis”, which means prophet or fortune teller.

Mando is an ancient Greek name; you can find it written both ways, because the spelling Manto seems to be closer to the Greek spelling, while Mando is the most common romanized version of the name.

female greek name mando or manto

Sound of name Mando: Ma-ntó

Male Version of name Mando: N/A

Nameday of Mando: September 1st

Origin of name Mando – The 40 Virgins

The name Mando is an ancient Greek name, as mentioned. Mando was the daughter of prophet Teiresias, and as her name proves, she was also able to see the future.

Pausanias says that in the vestibule of the temple of Apollo at Thebes there was the “Mando’s stool ‘, ie the stone where traditionally Mando would sit . Probably Mando was an augur, and as her father, she could also guess things to come from birds, particularly the vultures.

In dramatic poetry, Mando appears simply as the companion of her blind father. Statios reports that she helped Tiresias in sacrifices, describing the signs for him.

Mando in Greek Mythology

In mythology, Mando was associated with the campaign of Epigonoi against Thebes. After the conquest of the city, Mando was moved along with other captives at Delphi, where she was dedicated to Apollo.

From there she went to the command of God in Claro, where according to one version, she married Rakio, the leader of the Cretans who had settled there, and bore a son, Mopso.

Mando or Manto in Orthodox Church

For the Greek Orthodox Church, Mando or Manto is one of the 40 Virgins that were tortured by Licinius due to their faith to their Christian teacher and to the Christian religion.

The Church celebrates the memory of the 40 Virgins, and thus the nameday of Mando on September 1st

Nicknames deriving from name Mando

Mando does not have any nicknames or diminutives. However, in some cases, it can be the diminutive of some other main names, such as Adamantia and Amanda.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Mando

Mando is self preserved, and hard worker. She is somewhat introverted, and can be very discreet. She is the right person to tell a secret.

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