Margarita is a female name in Greece, which derives from the Greek word “margaritis” which is a very known stone used in the creation of jewelry – the pearl (margaritari in Greek).  This precious stone gives the name to Margarita, which means precious as a pearl.

It should be mentioned though that the flower daisy is also called “margarita” in Greek.

Margarita is the Greek respective of name Margaret.

Greek female name margarita

Sound of name Margarita: Mar-ga-reé-tah

Male Version of name Margarita: Margaritis

Nameday of Margarita: January 25th and September 1st

Origin of name Margarita – Agia Margarita and the 40 Virgins

Name Margarita has two namedays in the Greek Orthodox Calendar. The nameday on January 25th refers to Agia Margarita (St Margarita) who is a Saint for whom we do not have enough information.

On September 1st the nameday refers to a woman who was one of the 40 virgins that were brutally murdered in Andrianoupolis, by the local ruler Vavdos and Licinius.

The 40 virgins were students of the bishop Ammon in Andrianoupolis Thrace, who was a man of the Christian religion that did not want to believe to the pagan symbols. Margarita was one of the girls that were tortured and killed.

The nameday of Margarita and the 40 virgins is celebrated on September 1st.

Nicknames deriving from name Margarita

Margarita has a few nicknames and diminutives, such as Rita, Margaret, Margie, Margaroula, Margaritoula, Marigo, Marigoula.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Margarita

Margarita is a nice and tender woman, who can be quite fragile when she feels that she is not supported by the people she loves. Margarita has an inclination towards the arts.

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