Marios is a common Greek male name, the male respective name of Maria. As with Maria, there are also different opinions on its origins and etymology. According to one version it comes from the Latin word mare that means sea, so Marios refers to the sea lover, but according to the second version it comes from the Hebrew name Ayam, as does Maria.

marios greek nameSound of name Marios: Ma’-rios

Female Version of Marios: Maria

Nameday of name Marios: August 15, November 21 or March 13th (rare)

Origin of Name Marios – Saint Marios

In general name Marios comes from Virgin Mary and follows the same etymological pattern of name Maria, which you can find reading about the Greek name Maria. However, in Greek Orthodox Church there is a reference to Saint Marios, who was the Episcope of Sevastia.

He is mentioned in the Greek Orthodox Calendar, but there is almost no additional information about him. The only information that exists is actually pretty interesting, as it associates Marios with St Valentine, the Catholic saint who was episcope of Termi in Italy.

St Valentine and St Marios were the two priests that were marrying couples in the 4th century AD, when marriage was forbidden by law. Claudius the Emperor thought that men do not want to go to war because they have families and do not want to leave them; thus he forbade weddings, in order to have free men for his army. The two priests were tortured to death and since then everyone celebrates St Valentine as the protector of love, forgetting, though, St Marios.

Nicknames deriving from name Marios

Marios doesn’t have any nicknames and diminutives.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of the name Marios

Marios loves intense life and nightlife; he loves speed, women and money. He is very capable in all professions and he is very perky and active personality .

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