Martha is a female name used a lot in Greece. The origins of the name Martha are Aramaic and means lady, mistress.

Martha is included in the Greek Orthodox Calendar due to her significant role in many episodes of the life of Jesus.

female name martha

Sound of name Martha: Má-rtha

Male Version of name Martha: N/A

Nameday of Martha: June 4th

Origin of name Martha – St Martha

According to the Christian tradition Martha was the sister of Lazarus. She was the elder sister and was always taking care of the others and especially Jesus, who appreciated her a lot.

Both Martha and her sister Maria were distinguished members of the first Christian Church and both died peacefully.

They were declared saints and the Greek Orthodox Church celebrates the nameday of Martha and Maria on June 4th.

Nicknames deriving from name Martha

Martha does not feature any nicknames or diminutives. Some people think that Martha is a nickname of name Maria, but this is not true.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Martha

Martha is pure and independent. She loves animals a lot and she can charm everyone who gets to know her.

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