Matthaios or Mathaios

Matthaios or Mathaios is a male Greek name which derives from the Hebrew name Mattityahu that means gift of Yahweh.

Matthaios is also called Levi in Hebrew and was one of the main apostles, and the author of one of the Gospels of the New testament.

Spelling Mathaios is closer to the Greek spelling of this name (Ματθαίος). The name is popular in the English language as well, spelled Matthew.


Sound of name Matthaios: Mat-thé-os

Female Version of name Matthaios: Matthoula

Nameday of Matthaios : November 16

Origin of name Matthaios – Apostle Matthaios

Apostle Matthaios was named Levi before becoming a follower of Christ. He was from Galilei, son of Alphaios.

Matthaios was a customs servant and Jesus found him outside the customs department in Kapernaum. He told him to follow him and Matthaios indeed left his job and followed Jesus. After all, being a customs servant was a sin at that time.

He hosted Jesus at his house and allowed many sinners to come, eat and talk to Jesus. However, they were both accused of mingling with sinners, but Jesus said – according to Matthaios’ Gospel: “I did not come to invite those who think of themselves as fair men, but those who are sinners, so that they save themselves”.

Matthaios wrote the first of the 4 Gospels of the New Testament in 64AD. He preached the word of God and the Gospels in Ethiopia, where he died after being severely tortured.

The Orthodox church celebrates the memory and nameday of Matthaios on November 16th.

Nicknames deriving from name Matthaios

Matthaios does not have many nicknames and diminutives. The most common ones are Matthios and Mathios.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Matthaios

Matthaios is a prudent and wise man. He is rather introverted and likes spending a lot of time with his books and everything related to his hobbies. He can be an excellent teacher.


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