Melina is a common female name in Greece. It is a name associated with the Greek word “meli” which means honey.

melina nameSound of Name Melina: Me-lee’-nah

Male version of Name Melina: N/A

Nameday of name Melina: September 16th or October 29

Origin of Name Melina

Although a lovely name, Melina’s origins are not exactly clear. It is said that the vast majority of women called Melina consider their name a mixture of names Maria and Eleni.

Some other women adopt the name Melina, as a diminutive of the name Soumela, or Melitini.  If the name does come from the combination of name Maria and Eleni, its nameday is celebrated on September 16th, while in any other case, it follows the nameday of the original name.

Nicknames deriving from name Melina

Melina doesn’t have many nicknames; the two mostly common nicknames of name Melina are Melinaki and Lina.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of the name Melina

Melina is cute and nice; always good with others, ready to help them in any problem, without asking for something back. It is said that Melina will help you in anything you need, but you should never consider Melina as someone who serves you.

3 thoughts on “Melina”

  1. My name is Melissa and I’m converting to Greek Orthodox and I love the combination and the description that Melina is always ready to help, yet she is not a servant. I love this name for my baptism!

  2. My name is Melina and I really love my name (sorry if I sound stuck up). I read on a few other sites that my name comes from Greek “Meli” meaning honey or from Melissa “honey bee”.

  3. Beautifull name, great name. I am happy that is combination of names Maria and Eleni, because the name Eleni is gorgious name for my housband and me.

    If we have a doughter we will call her Melina!

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