Meropi is a female Greek name which derives from the Greek word “myro”, which means myrrh.

Meropi is an ancient Greek name, but it was mostly used in the early Christian years. It used to be very popular especially among Greek women from Asia Minor, but today it is less and less common.

greek name meropi

Sound of name Meropi: Me-ró-peeh

Male Version of name Meropi: N/A

Nameday of Meropi: December 2nd

Origin of name Meropi – Agia Meropi (St Meropi)

The name Meropi refers to a woman who lived in Ephesus during the 3rd century AD.

Meropi lost her father when she was still very young and lived with her mother, who was from the island of Chios.

When the local ruler Decius started pursuing the Christians, Meropi and her mother left Ephesus and went to Chios where they started helping poor patients.

Persecutions spread to the Greek islands too, and one of the victims was St Isidorus. The local ruler Numerios ordered to leave his body unburied, out in the streets.

Meropi took the body and buried it with all due honor. Then Numerius decided to punish the guard of the body, knowing that Meropi would be devastated.

Indeed, Meropi went to the ruler and admitted her deeds. Numerious decided to kill Meropi to punish her and therefore Meropi was beaten to death.

The Greek Orthodox Church declared her a Saint and celebrates the nameday of Meropi on December 2nd.

Nicknames deriving from name Meropi

Meropi doesn’t have any nicknames and diminutives, the only other known version of the name is Myropi

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Meropi

Meropi is a kind hearted and sage woman; rarely will you see her doing impulsive things and gives a second thought to everything before acting on it.

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