Michaela or Michaella Greek Name

Michaela or Michaella is a female Greek name, the female respective of name Michalis or Mihalis. It is not as common as its male counterpart, but it is a name that is gaining in popularity lately, due to the tendency to adopt uncommon names in Greece.

michaela greek female name

Sound of name Michaela: Mee-ha-é-la

Male Version of name Michaela: Michalis

Nameday of Michaela: November 8th

Origin of name Michaela – The Archangel Michael

Since Michaela or Michaella is the female respective of name Michail its origins lie also at the story of  the Archangel Michael.  You can find all the pertinent information at the main post for name Michalis.

Nicknames deriving from name Michaela

Michaela has a few nicknames and diminutives such as: Ella, Elina, Litsa, Lia, Michalitsa, Michel

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Michaela

Michaela is a relatively mild and quiet person. She has a natural inclination towards arts and creative things. She can be naive sometimes but she is a good friend.

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