Nefeli is a female name which has not been very popular in the past. Today, though, as Greeks turn again to ancient Greek names, Nefeli is becoming increasingly popular. Nefeli means cloudy in the Greek language. Its origin is mythological and quite interesting. Nefeli has an alternative spelling, which is Nephele.

greek name nefeliSound of name Nefeli: Ne-fé- lee

Male Version of Name Nefeli: N/A

Nameday of name Nefeli: different dates each year depending on Easter date

Origin of name Nefeli – The Assumption of Christ

Nefeli is a mythological figure in the Greek Mythology. Nefeli was the mother of the Centaurs and the mother of Frixos and Elli, associated with the story of the golden fleece.

Nefeli was the Goddess of the Clouds, as Zeus created her from a cloud. According to the myth, Zeus shaped the cloud to look like Hera, because he wanted to trick a man who desired Nefeli, Ixion.

For the Greek Orthodox Church name Nefeli celebrates its nameday 39 days after Easter day, the day of Christ’s assumption to the sky, which is described with the phrase “Christ went to the sky amidst clouds”. Therefore it’s the ideal day to celebrate the name Nefeli.

Nicknames deriving from name Nefeli

Nefeli doesn’t feature any nicknames and diminutives, as most of the ancient Greek names.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Nefeli

Nefeli is a fragile woman, very sensitive and sensible. She is beloved by her friends because she is very tender and cares for everyone.

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