Nestoras is a male Greek name, whose roots are found in the ancient years. Nestoras was the King of Pylos in ancient Greece, and he was known for his wisdom and seriousness.

Nestoras took part in the Trojan War and he was the one who was always advising the younger Greek heroes. The respective Ancient Greek name was Nestor.

male name nestoras

Sound of name Nestoras: Né-sto-ras

Female Version of name Nestoras: N/A

Nameday of Nestoras: October 27th

Origin of name Nestoras – Agios Nestoras

Although Nestor or Nestoras is an ancient Greek name, the Greek Orthodox Church associates it with a man who lived during the reign of Emperor Diocletian in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Nestoras was a friend of Agios (Saint) Dimitrios. He was very upset with the honors and fame of a pagan warrior, named Liaios, who was fighting in the Hippodrome, killing people. He went to Dimitrios and asked him to bless him so as to fight Liaios and make him stop killing people.

Indeed, Dimitrios blessed him and Nestoras fought with Liaios. He killed him with just one hit.

When Diocletian found out what happened, he ordered the death of Nestoras and the proper punishment of Dimitrios, who was already in jail.

Nestoras was declared a Saint by the Greek Orthodox Church, that celebrates the nameday of Nestoras on October 27th, a day after Saint Dimitrios.

Nicknames deriving from name Nestoras

Nestoras doesn’t have any nicknames or diminutives, as most of the Ancient Greek names.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Nestoras

Nestoras is an introverted and rational man. He is very fond of the family, always close to his friends and relatives. He is very dependable, but can get easily irritated and angry.

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