Nikitas is a male Greek name that derives from the Greek word niki (nike), which means Victory.

Nikitas is an ancient Greek name which was also quite popular during the early Christian years.

Nikitas | Male Greek name

Sound of name Nikitas: Nee-keé-tas

Female Version of name Nikitas: Nikiti

Nameday of Nikitas: September 15th

Origin of name Nikitas – Agios Nikitas (St Nikitas)

Nikitas was a man originating from Goths and lived during the era of Constantine the Great.

He was early introduced to the Christian Religion by the Goth Bishop Theofilus, who taught the young boy to stay firm and faithful to his beliefs. As an adult man, Nikitas did not hide that he believed in Christ.

When the ruler Athanarihos arrested Nikitas and asked him to give up on Christ, he refused and said that he was a Christian.

The ruler was mad and asked his people to break Nikitas’ bones so that he suffers. Again he refused to change his faith. Then, the ruler burned him alive.

Nikitas suffered a torturous death and the Orthodox Church declared him a saint, celebrating the nameday of Nikitas on September 15.

Nicknames deriving from name Nikitas

Nikitas does not have any nicknames or diminutives.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Nikitas

Nikitas is a very charming man, but he is also quite modest. He is handsome, smart and very successful with women, but he always chooses one and remains faithful to her.

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