Pantelis is a male Greek name which derives from the main name Panteleimon. It is a compound word that derives from the words pantes which means everyone, and eleimon which means merciful. Pantelis or Panteleimon refers to an all compassionate man. It became a popular name during the early Christian years.

male name pantelisSound of name Pantelis: Pa-nte-leés

Female Version of name Pantelis: Pantelina (not common)

Nameday of Pantelis: July 27th

Origin of name Pantelis – Agios Panteleimon (St Panteleimon)

Name Pantelis derives as mentioned from the name Panteleimon. Panteleimon lived during the reign of Diocletian. His family was rich and of Christian beliefs. His mother died when he was little, but his father entrusted him to a very wise man the Priest Hermolaos.  Panteleimon studied medicine and became a doctor, able to help people who needed him. He managed to cure many people with his science and faith. He cured a blind man praying for him. When Diocletian learned about Panteleimon, he ordered his army to arrest him and torture him. Panteleimon was decapitated and became a saint; the Greek Orthodox Church honors the nameday of Panteleimon is on July 27th.

Nicknames deriving from name Pantelis

Pantelis is a nickname deriving from name Panteleimon. Other nicknames and diminutives of the same name are: Pantelos, Telis, Pantelakis, Lakis, Akis

The Names’ fairy reveals the meaning of name Pantelis

Pantelis is a man who has an inclination to science; he can be very introverted and doesn’t make friends easily, but he is very faithful and reliable when he feels loved.

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