Paschalis is a male Greek name that derives from the word Pascha, which means Easter, therefore, Paschalis is the person relating to Easter.

male name paschalis

Sound of name Paschalis: Pas-há-lees

Female Version of name Paschalis: Paschalia

Nameday of Paschalis: Easter Day. The nameday of Paschalis is a moveable nameday, it’s always on Easter day, so you should check with the calendar to see when is Easter each year. For 2011, Easter is on April 24th, but you can check here all dates for Greek Easter in the following years.

Origin of name Paschalis

As mentioned earlier, name Paschalis is associated with Easter or Pascha in Greek.

Pascha is the transliteration of the Greek word Πασχα, which derives from the Hebrew word pesach, which refers to the Passover. The Jewish Passover refers to the Exodus that liberated the Jews from the Egyptian rule, when Moses led the Jewish people away from Egypt.

However, Pascha – Easter is the feast of the Resurrection of Jesus. Pascha is linked to the Passover in the Old Testament, through the Last Supper, during which Christ prepared himself and his people for his sacrifice. This is why sometimes Christ is also referred to as the Paschal Lamb – the Lamb of Easter.

Since name Paschalis derives from the word Pascha, its nameday is always on Easter Day.

Nicknames deriving from name Paschalis

Paschalis does not have any nicknames or diminutives.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Paschalis

Paschalis is an outgoing person, who likes enjoying life in its full. However, he tends to make a lot of mistakes but he is always willing to admit them and control them.

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