Penelope or Pinelopi

Penelope is a female name, used a lot in Greece, both in the mainland and the islands.

Its etymology is interesting as it seems that the name Penelope comes from the Greek words Pene (Πηνη in Greek) which means web, and ops (ωψ) which means face.

It is also possible that name Penelope comes from the words -pene and lepo, which means unfold and unroll. Penelope or Penelopi, thus, was for the ancient Greeks the weaver, as Homer mentions.

There is another theory though, that suggests that the name Penelope refers to a prehistoric bird – which would resemble with the Wigeon – that was called pinelops.

penelopeSound of name Penelope: Pe-ne – lo’h – pee

Male Version of name Penelope: N/A

Nameday of Penelope: September 1st

Origins of name Penelope or Pinelopi

Penelope is a name famous due to the Homeric epics, and especially the Odyssey.

Penelope was the Queen of Ithaca, wife of the King Odysseus who left his island and his wife for the Trojan War. According to the epic, Penelope was patiently waiting for her husband to come back from Troy for ten years after the war was over.

Since so much time passed and Odysseus was not coming back – as all other Kings of the Greek State countries did – suitors were flocking to her palace asking to marry her and get the throne of Ithaca. Homer suggests that Penelope told everyone that she would get married only when she would finish the clothes she was weaving, but every night she was destroying them, in order to avoid marriage, hoping that Odysseus would come back.

Penelope is a symbol of faithfulness, due to her patience and dedication to Odyss

Penelopi in the Greek Church

For the Greek Church though, there is another Penelopi in history. She was one of the 40 maidens that were killed by Likinius, ruler of Orace who killed them to punish Ammon. a teacher from Adrianoupolis. who was a Christian and did not adopt the Paganism.

Nicknames deriving from name Penelope

Name Penelope has a few nicknames and diminutives deriving from it: Pinelopitsa, Popi, Pitsa, Bilio, Nena, Nopi .

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of the name Penelope

Due to her commitment to Odysseus, Penelope is the synonym of dedication and love; indeed, Penelope can do everything for her family, supporting everyone in need. She is quite original in her ideas and can foresee the future based on events and realistic conclusions.

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