Poseidonas or Poseidon

Poseidonas is a male Greek name with its origin in the ancient Greek mythology.

The name Poseidonas, or Poseidon in ancient Greek, derives from the words “posis” (which means husband) and “de” which means earth. Therefore, Poseidonas is the man, the husband of the land or earth.

male greek name poseidonas

Sound of name Poseidonas: Po-see-thó-nas

Female Version of name Poseidonas: Poseidonia (not in use)

Nameday of Poseidonas: N/A

Origin of name Poseidonas – God Poseidon

Poseidonas is not a name included in the Orthodox calendar, therefore, it has no nameday.

Poseidon in Greek Mythology

The name Poseidonas refers to god Poseidon, one of the major Gods of the Olympus in Greek mythology. Poseidon is the Roman god Neptune.

In Greek mythology, Poseidon was the sea god, son of Cronus and Rhea, brother of Zeus, Hera, Pluto, Demeter and Hestia. He was the husband of Amphitrite.

His emblem, the trident, was a symbol for the thunderbolt, which would make Poseidon a sky god of very ancient times. Some legends say that Poseidon could cause earthquakes.

Like all of his siblings except Zeus, Poseidon was swallowed by his father, Cronus, but he was saved thanks to Zeus and he was disgorged unharmed.

In other myths, it was Rhea, who saved Poseidon: she hid him in a flock of lambs near Mantinea, in the care of a nurse named Arne. In yet another story, Rhea put Poseidon in the care of Capheira, a daughter of Oceanus, who brought up the child in Rhodes.

The competition of Poseidon and Athena

Poseidon was greedy for earthly kingdoms. He tried to claim the city of Athens from the goddess Athena, saying that he could do more good for the city than she could.

The two appeared before a court of gods and goddesses. Poseidon struck his trident into a rock, and water immediately gushed forth, but it was salty seawater, therefore not very useful.

Athena planted the first olive tree, which gave its fruit, oil, and wood. The court decreed that Athena’s gift was the more beneficial , so she was the winner and had more rights to the land. The olive branch became a symbol of peace.

Nicknames deriving from name Poseidonas

As an ancient Greek name Poseidonas does not have any nicknames or diminutives.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Poseidonas

Poseidonas is a bold, daring and sometimes edgy person, who does not like to compromise and can get involved into a fight if that would ensure his rights and would support his beliefs. Sometimes he has mood swings and can change his opinion on something easily.

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