Prokopis is a male Greek name which comes from the ancient years. As an ancient Greek name, Prokopis derived from the Greek word προκοπη (prokope) which means “progress, advance”.

It is not a very popular name, but you can find many men – older mostly – named Prokopis. The full given name is Prokopios, whose main diminutive is Prokopis.

male greek name prokopis

Sound of name Prokopis: Pro-kó-pees

Female Version of name Prokopis: N/A

Nameday of Prokopis: July 8th

Origin of Prokopis – St Prokopis the Martyr (Agios Prokopios)

The name Prokopis is the main diminutive of name Prokopios, who was a man that lived in Jerusalem during the reign of Emperor Diocletian.

His father was a Christian and his mother a pagan. When his father died, his mother took Prokopios to the Emperor who made him a ruler of Alexandria and ordered him to torture the local Christians. And thus, he set for Alexandria.

On the route to the city, thunders begun falling and he heard a voice calling him by his name. The voice was threatening him with death because he would persecute Christians and God. Prokopios asked the voice to appear in front of him to see who he is. Then the voice said that he is the Crucified Son of God. This miracle made Prokopios believe and he became a Christian.

When he came back, his mother tried to persuade him to become pagan again. But she figured out that he had become a Christian and betrayed him to the Emperor. He ordered the local ruler to investigate the case and interrogate Prokopios.  He was tortured and finally decapitated. The Greek Orthodox Church declared him a saint and a martyr, celebrating his nameday on July 8th.

Nicknames deriving from name Prokopis

Prokopis is a diminutive itself – of the name Prokopios – but there are not many nicknames deriving from the full given name. You can only find names Pakis, Akis and Prokos.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Prokopis

Prokopis is a wise and dedicated man, who will serve perfectly everything he decides to deal with. He is great at work and likes spending time in studying.

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