Romanos is a male Greek name. It is not very common, however you might find some men given the name Romanos especially as a second name – this means that you might meet a man named Alexandros Romanos or Ioannis Romanos. This happens mostly in the Greek islands, especially the Cyclades and the Ionian islands.

Name Romanos derives from the Greek word “romi” which means strength; therefore, Romanos is the powerful and strong man.

male greek name romanosSound of name Romanos: Ro-ma- nòs

Female Version of name Romanos: Romani (very uncommon)

Nameday of Romanos: October 1st

Origin of name Romanos – Agios Romanos (St Romanos)

Name Romanos is associated with Agios Romanos (St Romanos) also known as Romanos Melodos. Romanos was born in Syria in the 8th century. He was a very dedicated Christian, and he often attended the mass especially when there was an event dedicated to Virgin Mary. While he was young he received a rather mediocre education and his poetic talented was not revealed yet.

During a mass for Mary, Romanos was inspired by the atmosphere in the temple and he wrote a poem – hymn for Mary. Since then he wrote many hymns, and he soon became one of the most important poets and hymn creators for the Church. Romanos managed to write his hymns in a very touching way, totally understandable by people, who began appreciating the hymns more, since they began understanding them more. The Greek Orthodox Church named Romanos a Saint, but he is also known as Romanos Melodos, due to his melodious hymns.

Nicknames deriving from the name Romanos

Romanos doesn’t have many nicknames and diminutives. In fact the only nickname you might find is Romos.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Romanos

Romanos is a very sensitive man, and he has a natural inclination towards the arts. He can be very introverted, but he is also very creative and imaginative person.

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