Savvina or Savina is a female Greek name whose origins are found in the Roman history. Name Savvina derives from the Roman name Sabina, which is a cognomen that means Sabines, refering to the people who lived in central Italy and stayed in history due to a famous raid by the Romans. The Roman army abducted the women of the Sabines and when the men of the city came to the rescue, women managed to make peace between the Sabines and the Romans.

Some people think that Savvina is the female version of name Savvas, but that is not correct; the male respective of name Savvina is Savvinos.

Sound of name Savvina: Sa-veé- na

Male Version of name Savvina: Savvinos (not in use)

Nameday of Savvina: March 11th

Origin of name Savvina – Agia Savvina

There is not much information about the name Savvina; it is known though that Savvina was a woman who lived during the 3rd century AD in Izmir (Smyrni at that time) and suffered a torturous death along with other Christians who were persecuted by Emperor Decius. The Orthodox Church celebrates the memory and nameday of Savvina on March 11th.

Nicknames deriving from name Savvina

Savvina has a few nicknames and diminutives, such as Savvoula, Ina, Zabina, Zabia, Nia

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Savvina

Savvina is a fierce woman who usually chooses an active profession. She is willing to help her friends and relatives and she likes working for the public good.

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