Serapheim or Serafeim

Serapheim or Serafeim is a male Greek name, whose meaning is rather complicated.

Serapheim is the Greek version of the Latin name Seraphinus, which derives from the biblical word seraphim meaning “the fiery ones” in Hebrew.

The seraphim were an order of angels with six wings, according to Isaiah’s description in the Bible.

Today Serafeim is a quite common name among priests in Greece.

Sound of name Serapheim: Se-ra-feeém

Female Version of name Serapheim: Seraphina

Nameday of  Serapheim: January 2nd

Origin of name Serapheim – Osios Serapheim (Blessed Serapheim)

For the Greek Orthodox Church, the name Serapheim is related to Blessed Serapheim.

Osios Serapheim or Blessed Serapheim of Sarov was born on July 19, 1759 in Kursk Russia by godly and wealthy parents: Isidoros, who was a merchant, and Agathe Mosnin.

His first name was Prochoros. At the age of three he lost his father, and his devout mother communicated him the Christian piety and love of liturgical life.

At the age of 10 he started studying the divine Scriptures and showed excellent personality. He suffered from a dangerous illness, which was miraculously  healed by Virgin Mary. At the age of seventeen years, the young Prochoros left the world and came to the desert monastery of Sarov.  At the 27th year of his age, on 18 of August 1786, he was found worthy to  become a monk named Serapheim.

After a year and half he became deacon and in 1793, aged 35, he was ordained  monk. Shortly afterwards he left the commune and lived a rigorous ascetic spiritual life in a hermitage deep in the desert of Sarov.

For his high races and pious life, Serapheim was given by God the gift of clairvoyance and miracle making.

His ascetic life became well-known, especially in Russia. He taught and brought in the way of salvation many people. One of the most distinctive features was the infinite love nourished in God’s creatures, especially humans, without limits or  humility. He passed away peacefully in the age of 74 on Monday, 2nd of January 1833. Therefore, the nameday of Serapheim is on January 2.

Nicknames deriving from name Serapheim

Serapheim does not have any nicknames and diminutives.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Serapheim

Serapheim is a very spiritual man, usually devoted to the arts, or the things he loves. He is  rather introverted person with little or no friends.

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