Smaragda is a female name in Greece, deriving from the Greek word smaragdi which refers to the precious stone, known in English as emerald.

Smaragda is much more common name than its male respective Smaragdos, although for the Greek Orthodox Church Smaragdos is the martyr honored in its calendar.

Sound of name Smaragda: Sma-rá-gda

Male version of name Smaragda: Smaragdos

Nameday of name Smaragda: March 9th

Origin of name Smaragda – Smaragdos Martyr

As mentioned before, Smaragda is a name that exists since the antiquity, when the word smaragdi was used to describe this precious stone, however it became part of the Greek Orthodox Calendar referring to Smaragdos, one of the 40 martyrs of Sevastia. According to the Greek Orthodox tradition there were 40 men and women who suffered a tortured death in the town of Sevastia in 320AD.

These martyrs, along with Smaragdos were soldiers during the reign of Likinos the Emperor, who refused to follow the pagan symbols and were sentenced to death. The Orthodox Church in order to celebrate their memory, honors them on March 9th every year. Therefore, women with the name Smaragda, celebrate their nameday on March 9th as well.

Nicknames deriving from name Smaragda

Smaragda is not a name that has many nicknames or diminutives, however you can find a few, such as Smaragdi, Smarw, Smaroula, Smaragdoula

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Smaragda

Smaragda is a very serious and cautious woman, always interested in arts and cultures. She is also a person devoted and dedicated to her family.

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  1. My Daughters name is Smaragda, named after my mum Smaragda, who was born in Rhodes in 1954, before moving to South Australia with my Pappou and Yiayia in 1955. Se Agapo Mama – filakia

  2. My Mum’s name. She was born in Rhodes and came to South Australia in the 1950’s. She shortened her name to ‘Smaggie’, which she would introduce as: Maggie with an ‘S’.

  3. that was most helpful, I stayed in apartments with the name “smaragdi”, they are also known as Emerald apartments


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