Sotirios is a common male Greek name with a vast meaning and importance for the Greek orthodox church and its calendar. Sotirios derives from the Greek word sotirios which means “the saving” or the “savior”.

male greek name sotiriosSound of name Sotirios: So-tee-ree-os

Female Version of name Sotirios: Sotiria

Nameday of Sotirios: August 6th

Origin of name Sotirios – The Metamorphosis of Christ ( Metamorphosis Sotiros)

The Greek Orthodox Church celebrates the nameday of Sotirios on the day of the Metamorphosis of Christ. According to the Orthodox tradition one day Christ went with Peter, John and Jacob to the mountain Tahvor to pray. During the night, the Apostles woke up but could not see their teacher anywhere. Soon they saw him changed, with his face illuminating a strong light and his dress was all white. Moses and Elijah were talking to him. Peter suggested that they should place three tents, for Christ, Moses and Elijah, and then a large cloud appeared, from which a voice was heard saying “this is my son, the beloved, you should listen to him”. This day is known as the metamorphosis of the Savior, therefore the Greek Orthodox Church celebrates the nameday of Sotirios.

Nicknames deriving from name Sotirios

Sotirios features a few nicknames and diminutives, such as Sotiris, Sotirakis, Sotos, Akis, Sakis, Sotis

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Sotirios

Sotirios has a true passion for music and likes playing musical instruments. He also likes eating and he is a man who likes upscale things.

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