Stamatis is a common male name in Greece which derives from the Greek word “stamato” which means to stop. Stamatis is therefore the person who stops something. The story of this Greek name and its inclusion in the Greek Orthodox Calendar is quite interesting.

greek name stamatis

Sound of name Stamatis: Sta-má – tees

Female Version of name Stamatis: Stamatia

Nameday of Stamatis: November 8th

Origin of name Stamatis – The Archangels

The nameday of Stamatis is celebrated on November 8th, along with the namedays of Michail, Angelos and Gabriel.

Most people are not familiar with the story behind the name Stamatis and the inclusion to the calendar of the Church on November the 8th. The story goes as follows:

When God created the angels he gave them full autonomy. One of them, Lucifer, decided to place his throne above God’s. As soon as he thought to do so he fell into the Abyss and became a Devil.

His entire troupe went with him, although some stayed on the Earth and Air. The sky was torn apart and deamons kept falling form the skies.

Then, Archangel Michael stood in the middle of the falling Angels and said “We stop, fearing God”. Since the word stop in Greek is “stamato”, the stop of the falling angels is celebrated by the Greek Orthodox Church through the name Stamatis, and its nameday on November 8th.

Nicknames deriving from name Stamatis

Stamatis has just a few nicknames and diminutives. The most common ones are: Stamos, Stamelos, Stamelis, Stamoulis

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Stamatis

Stamatis pays lots of attention to nice things and his well being. He likes being nicely treated and he hates fights and arguments. He usually has a lot of hobbies.

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