Theodoros is a common male Greek name whose origins are found in the ancient years. Theodoros is a word that derives from the words “theos” (which means God) and “doro” which means gift. Theodoros is, thus, a gift of the Gods.

The name Theodoros was not very common in the ancient years, although you can find known historic persons with this name. It became more popular in early Christian years in Greece, since it was associated with God.

male greek name theodoros

Sound of name Theodoros: The-ò Рdo-ros

Female Version of name Theodoros: Theodora

Nameday of Theodoros: February 17th

Origin of name Theodoros Р Theodoros o Tiron (St Theodore)

Theodoros was a man who lived in Amasea in Asia Minor during the reign of Emperor Maximianus; he is known as Theodoros o Tiron, because he was a member of the legion of Tiron.

Although Theodoros was a soldier and a brave man, some members of the legion accused him of being a Christian, and was brought to the praetorian who asked him about his faith. Theodoros admitted being a Christian and he refused to pray to the pagan symbols. He even burned a temple dedicated to Rhea and then he was sentenced to death. He was burned alive and the Greek Orthodox Church declared him a Saint and a martyr.

The nameday of Theodoros is celebrated on February 17th, the day when he died and February 20th because allegedly, the spirit of the Saint performed a miracle.

According to the Church, the 20th of February was a day of fasting for the Christians. The pagan ruler of Amasea ordered to spread blood over the food that the Christians were about to eat in order to ruin the fasting. Theodoros came as a spirit and revealed the truth to the Christians so that they would avoid eating this food. Therefore, his nameday is also celebrated on February the 20th.

Nicknames deriving from name Theodoros

Theodoros features a few nicknames such as Thodoris, Thodoros, Thodos, Thodis, Doros, Doris, Akis, Ritsos

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Theodoros

Theodoros is a very emotional and sentimental person, who cares a lot about his friends. He is very loyal to his family and work. He can be very stressed, since he doesn’t know how to let steam out.

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