Theodosia is a female Greek name; it’s also a compound word deriving from the words Theos, which means God, and dosia (dosis) which means “the giving” or the “gift”. Therefore, Theodosia means a God’s gift.  Name Theodosia was very common among the Greeks of Asia Minor.

name theodosiaSound of Name Theodosia: The-o-do-seé – a

Female Version of name Theodosia: Theodosios or Theodosis

Nameday of name Theodosia: May 29th

Origin of name Theodosia – Agia Theodosia from Constantinople ( St Theodosia from Istanbul)

Theodosia was a woman born in Constantinople (today’s Istanbul) in 716AD. She came from a wealthy family, but after the death of her father, her mother put her in a monastery at the age of seven.

Theodosia inherited both her parents, but since she had become a nun, she gave all her fortune to the poor.

Ten years after she became a nun, the battle of the icons begun during the reign of Emperor Leo the Isaurus. When the fighters of the icons decided to bring the icon of Christ down from her monastery, Theodosia pushed the ladder, where some of these men were, and killed them. Both Theodosia and some other women were arrested and killed a little later.

The Greek Orthodox Church celebrates the memory of St Theodosia on May 29th, after declaring her a saint and martyr.

Nicknames deriving from name Theodosia

Theodosia doesn’t have many nicknames and diminutives. The most common ones are Theodoso, Theodositsa, Theodosoula, Sia and Soula.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Theodosia

Theodosia is supposed to be a rather introverted person and little eccentric sometimes. She can be very rigid to some people, but very much devoted to the people she loves.

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