Thiseas or Theseus

Thiseas is an ancient Greek name, known from the Greek mythology. Thiseas derives from the Greek word tithimi, which means “to set”.

Thiseas is mostly known as Theseus in English, but the spelling Thiseas is closer to the Greek language and spelling.

Sound of name Thiseas: Thee- ssé-as

Female Version of name Thiseas: N/A

Nameday of Thiseas: April 10

Origin of name Thiseas

Although Thiseas is mostly known due to the ancient Greek hero Theseus, for the Greek Orthodox church the name is associated with one of the 40 martyrs, who were tortured to death due to their faith to the Christian religion.

There is not much information about them, unfortunately, but the Church celebrates the memory of the 40 martyrs, and hence the nameday of Thiseas on April 10.

Theseus in Greek mythology

In Greek mythology, Thiseas was an important hero of Ancient Athens. He was son of Aethra, and Aegeus, the king of Athens.

Theseus was brought up under the protection of Pittheus and Aethra until he was 16. Then he set off to Athens to claim his birthright. On his way and afterwards, Theseus was involved in numerous adventures and deeds, of which the most famous was the slaying of the Minotaur; this it the most known myth of Thiseas. The daughter of King Minos of Crete, Ariadni helped Thiseas accomplish his deed.

Minos demanded a yearly tribute from Athens because of the murder of his son, Androgeus, by the Athenians. Each year, seven Athenian men and seven maidens were sent to Crete to feed the Minotaur.

Theseus determined to end the yearly tragedy suffered by the Athenians. He boarded the ship that bore the victims to Crete. When she saw him, Ariadni fell in love with the hero. She gave him a ball of string that would help him find his way out of the Labyrinth, where the Minotaur lived.

Theseus unwound the string as he followed the tortuous mazes that led him to the Minotaur. He slew the bull after a ferocious battle and then made his way triumphantly back to the entrance of the labyrinthine palace. When he went back to Athens, Theseus took the lovely Ariadni with him, but he abandoned her on the island of Naxos and went on his way.

Upon the death of Aegeus, Theseus became king of Athens and was the hero of many battles. At the end, he retired to Skyros, an island in the Aegean, where he was murdered by Lycomedes.

Scholars believe that the character of Theseus may have been based on a real person, a hero of ancient times, similar in many ways to the demigod Heracles. Mythologists may have adapted the character of Theseus to make him a suitable hero for their city of Athens.

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Nicknames deriving from name Thiseas

Thiseas does not have any nicknames or diminutives

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Thiseas

Thiseas is usually a young in heart man; brave and rational, he can be a very reliable and dependable person. He is a man who values his career a lot.

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