Triantafyllos is a male Greek name which derives from the Greek word “triantafyllo”, which means “rose”.

Triantafyllos is not a very common name in many areas in Greece, but it is quite common in the Dodecanese islands.

male greek name triantafyllos

Sound of name Triantafyllos: Tree-ah-ntá-fee-los

Female Version of name Triantafyllos: Triantafyllia

Nameday of Triantfyllos: August 8th

Origin of name Triantafyllos – St Triantafyllos

The Greek name Triantafyllos is associated with a martyr from Magnesia in Greece, close to Volos.

Martyr Triantafyllos was born in 1663 and was working in boats. When he was 17 he was arrested by the Turks, who asked him to adopt Islam.

Triantafyllos had adopted the Christian religion and would rather die than deny Christ. He was tortured in many different ways, but he remained loyal to his faith. He was decapitated in the Hippodrome of Istanbul, on August the 8th.

This is why the Greek Orthodox Church celebrates the nameday of Triantafyllos on August 8th.

Nicknames deriving from name Triantafyllos

Triantafyllos has a few nicknames and diminutives such as Triantafyllis, Fyllis, Fyllios, Triantafyllenios, Triantafyllinos, Linos, Akis

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Triantafyllos

Triantafyllos is a sensitive and well nurtured man. He is kind hearted and ambitious, but always on the right track of things. He hates injustice.

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