Virginia is a female name from the latin word virgo, which means “maid, virgin”.

When hearing the name for the first time, you will think that it’s not Greek.

Indeed, Virginia is not a typical Greek name with roots in Ancient Greece, but it became popular in the Greek mainland during the Roman and Byzantine years.

female greek name virginia

Sound of name Virginia: Vee-rgee-neé-a

Male Version of name Viriginia: Virginios (not in use in the Greek language)

Nameday of Viriginia: November 21

Origin of name Virginia – The Virgin Mary

Nameday of Virginia is on November 21st, the day of the Entrance of Virgin Mary to the Sacred Temple, where no ordinary woman would be accepted.

The explanation of the use of name Virginia by the Greek Orthodox Church goes as follows: Anna, the mother of Mary, was sad because she grew old without being able to have a child.

She and her husband Joachim decided to pray to God to give them a child, that they would dedicate it to Him. God heard their prayers and Anna gave birth to Virgin Mary. When Mary grew three years old, they took her to the Temple, to dedicate her to God.

They gave Mary to archbishop Zachary, who introduced Mary to the Holy of Holies: a room in the Temple where only the High Priest was permitted to enter once a year, on the Day of Atonement.

But Zachary knew what would be the fate of the girl, so he allowed her to stay there for 12 years, until she would be ready to fulfil the prophecy. During these years, Archangel Gabriel would give the girl celestial food.

Since Mary is supposed to be the Virgin of the Christian tradition, name Virginia is associated with Virgin Mary, and thus, the nameday of Virginia is on November 21.

Nicknames deriving from name Virginia

Virginia does not have any nicknames or diminutives.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Virginia

Virginia is a strong and independent woman. Although she is a family oriented person, she never loses her willingness to be independent and occupy herself with the things she like.


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