Zinovia is a Greek female name which means “life of Zeus”.

Zinovia derives from the Greek word zeno, a prefix form of the name of God Zeus, combined with bios, which means “life”. So, Zinovia means Zeus’ life.

female greek name zinovia

Sound of name Zinovia: Xee-no-vée-a

Male Version of Zinovia: Zinovios

Nameday of Zinovia: October 30th

Origin of name Zinovia – Agia Zinovia (St Zinovia)

Name Zinovia refers to a woman and her brother – Zinovios – who lived during the time of Diocletian. The two siblings came from the town of Aiges of Cilicia, from a rich and pious family.

Zenovios was a physician and practiced his science pro bono. The two siblings exercised great charity and this angered the pagans and specifically the ruler Lysias, who ordered the arrest of Zinovios. During his imprisonment, his sister Zinovia came voluntarily to the authorities with a desire to co-martyr with her brother. Both were killed by decapitation after torture in 285 AD.

The Greek Orthodox Church celebrates the nameday of Zinovia on October 30th

Nicknames deriving from name Zinovia

Zinovia has a few nicknames and diminutives, such as Zina, Gina, Zelina, Zena.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Zinovia

Zinovia is serious, moderate but can be quite easily agitated. She reacts badly to comments and criticism.

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