Aglaia is a female Greek name, dating back to ancient Greece and its mythology. The name Aglaia is not used in any other form in the language, although in ancient Greek it also referred to the “Gorgeous and Shining”.

aglaiaSound of Aglaia: A- gla- eeah

Nameday of Aglaia: December 19th

Male form of Aglaia: –

Origin of the name Aglaia

Aglaia was, in Greek mythology, the youngest of the Three Graces, who represented charm, beauty, nature, fertility and creativity in ancient Greece. The other two Graces were Thalia and Euphrosyne. Aglaia was married to God Hephaestus, but she had a son, Nireas, with the King of Simi Island. Nireas was known all over the world due to his beauty and grace.

Saint Aglaia

The Greek Church celebrates the memory of Aglaia, not the one of the Graces, but Aglaia the Roman as she is mostly known. Aglaia was an aristocrat living in Rome, during Diocletian Era. Aglaia has a servant, Vonifatios, who is also a pagan like her.

During the persecutions of the Christians by Diocletian, Aglaia decided to collect the bodies of dead people who are proclaimed martyrs of the new religion. Vonifatios is the one who has to carry out the task, but during this time he embraces the Christian religion. Vonifatios was tortured along with several other Christians and his body was brought back to Aglaia as the body of a martyr.

Aglaia was shocked by the fact and hearing the voices of angels describing her the tragic end of Vonifatios, she decided to honor him. Later she dedicated her life to the Christian religion as well, and was proclaimed Saint by the Church.

Nicknames and different versions of Aglaia

Aglaia features just a few nicknames, such as Aglaitsa, Litsa, Lia. It doesn’t have a male respective, as it is strictly female name. Aglaia can also be found as Aglaea.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the personality of Aglaia

Aglaia is an optimistic woman, beautiful and graceful. She is a family centric person, setting family needs as priority. She knows how to please other people and she is a more dynamic personality than it seems.

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