alexandrosAlexandros is a very common male name in Greece, found in both mainland and the islands. It is a compound word, deriving from the words “alexo” and “Andros”, which, in ancient Greek, mean “hold off” and “of man” respectively. The name Alexandros was used in Ancient Greece both as name and an epithet (adjective) describing a person who is unbeatable.

Sound of Name Alexandros: A-le’-ksan-dros

Nameday of Alexandros: August 30th

Female Version of Alexandros: Alexandra

The history of name Alexandros

The earliest attested appearance of the name dates to the Mycenaean Era, and it was actually the name in its female version, Alexandra, written in Linear B.
According to the Greeks the name was used as an epithet or title for Goddess Hera, due to her fearless and strict character. Even Homer uses the title to describe Paris, so he was refered to as Paris Alexandros. The popularity of the name spread throughout the Hellenic World due to the conquests of Alexandros the Macedonian, or else called Alexander the Great. Since then, many Alexanders in other countries, especially of Slavic decent, were directly named after him. The name Alexandros has been used by kings of Scotland, Poland and Yugoslavia, as well as eight Popes.

Saint Alexandros

As always though, the Greek Church features a Saint, thus, Saint Alexandros is also included in the Orthodox Calendar. Alexandros lived towards the end of 2nd century AD. He was student of episcope Klimentios and he became Episcope in Cappadocia himself. Later, he became Episcope of Jerusalem, when the elder Narcissus Episcope of Jerusalem died. Alexandros was a spiritual and well educated man, very honest and fair in his thoughts and judgements. He fought for the religion, but also for the education of people, establishing a great Library in Jerusalem. In 251 AD, the Officer of Palestine in Caesarea had Alexandros arrested. The Episcope was asked to deny his faith, and when he refused to obey to these orders he was fed to the lions. According to the myth, the lions didn’t touch him, but Alexandros died due to the wounds of the severe tortures.

Nicknames deriving from the name Alexandros

Alexandros features a few nicknames and versions in Greece. The most common of them are: Alekos, Alex, Alexis, Alkis, Akis, Akos, Sakis.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of the name Alexandros

Alexandros is a brave man, he is not afraid to work hard and achieves most of the goals he sets. He lacks imagination but can succeed due to his strong will.

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    • Hi Alexandros,
      it is a pity that you are from Cyprus but you don’t speak Greek.

      Haros means “death”. Haros (Charos) in modern Greek or Haron (Charon) in Ancient Greek was the man who carried the souls of the dead across the river Acheron, that divided the world of the living from the world of the dead.
      So Charon was the ferryman of Hades (underworld).

  1. My name is Alexandra! I’m not Greek, though. At least I don’t think so, though I do have Sicilian blood and my friend’s grandfather claimed that many people in Sicily were actually Greek… Or something like that.

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