Aspasia is a Greek female name, whose origins are found in the ancient years. Aspasia derives from the ancient Greek Word “aspasios” which means welcome.

aspasiaSound of name Aspasia: A-spa-see’a

Male Version of name Aspasia: Aspasios (not in use)

Nameday of name Aspasia: September 1st

Origin of name Aspasia

Aspasia is a name commonly used in Ancient Greece; in fact one of the most influential and powerful women in Greece, the wife of Pericles of Athens was named Aspasia. For the Greek Orthodox Church though, the name refers to one of the 40 virgins that were brutally murdered by Licinius, the ruler of Thrace. The 40 Virgins, among which was Aspasia, were tortured and murdered as the ruler wanted to punish their teacher Ammon, who was not willing to become a pagan. The Greek Orthodox Church celebrates their memory on September 1st.

Nicknames deriving from the name Aspasia

Aspasia features a few nicknames that are also commonly used in Greece; the most common one is Aspa, but there are women called Sia, Aspasaki and Spasa.

The Names’ Fairy reveals for the Name Aspasia

Aspasia is a very bold and talented woman, loyal and always ready to help her friends. She pays much attention on her family and values family life, while maintaining a lot of interests.

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