Alexia is a female name used in Greece, the respective of name Alexios. Same as with the male version of the name, many people believe that Alexia derives from name Aleksandra, but in fact Alexia is also a totally different name than Aleksandra, and thus, has a different nameday.

Sound of name Alexia: A-le-kseé-a

Male Version of name Alexia: Alexios

Nameday of name Alexia: March 17th

Origin of name Alexia

Since Alexia is the female version of name Alexios, its origin is also found in the Greek Orthodox Calendar associated with Alexios from Syria. You can find all the detailed information about Alexios here, at the pertinent post for Alexios.

Nicknames deriving from the name Alexia

Alexia doesn’t feature many nicknames and diminutives. The most commonly used ones are Alex, Alexina and Sia.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Alexia

Alexia is a rather social and well educated woman, always considering herself ready and willing to help other people when needed. She has a natural tendency towards arts.

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  1. Not many NZers can easily say my long Greek surname so I shorten my first name to Alex. I’m half Greek, born in NZ & its easier to use

  2. Omg kid can’t believe that my name means so much. I go by Lexi or just Alexia.
    Its also weird to read the comments and see the name. This is cool

  3. I wish I went by Sia! 🙂 I go by Alex. But Sia is reeeally pretty. 🙂 I never knew Alexia is Greek.


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