Evdokia is a female Greek name which derives from the Greek words ev (ευ) that means good and doko (δοκώ), which means to think. Therefore, Evdokia means the one with the good thinking, or the one that seems well.

Evdokia is a name that is used in the Greek mainland mostly.

female greek name evdokia

Sound of name Evdokia: Ev-do-keé-a

Male Version of name Evdokia: N/A

Nameday of Evdokia: March 1st

Origin of name Evdokia – Agia Evdokia (St Evdokia)

Evdokia is the name of a girl that is referred to in the Scripts of Jerusalem, although not many things are known about her. The only thing known is that this girl was declared a saint and the Orthodox Church celebrates her nameday on March 1st.

There is also another woman named Evdokia mentioned in the Orthodox Calendar. She is the Blessed Evdokia, a woman who lived during the times of Emperor Traianus or Trajan.

Evdokia was persecuted for her Christian beliefs and was brutally killed. She was declared a blessed woman, and her nameday is celebrated on March 1st.

Nicknames deriving from name Evdokia

Evdokia features just a few nicknames and diminutives. The most common ones are Evi, Evdokoula, Evdokitsa, Evdoki, but none of them is that common.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Evdokia

Evdokia is a woman known for her virtues and her love for the family. She is very fond of kids and she likes being around friends.

7 thoughts on “Evdokia”

  1. I am full blooded Greek. Evdokia was to be my first given name by my mother-but some idiot obviously could not spell or pronounce same and my birth certificate read EVELYN ! My mother let it slide. I changed my name, legally, when I turned 18 years of age, to the name my nonos ( Godfather ) wanted–Thespina- -which is Dian in English.
    The elders in the family have told me there is NO ENGLISH TRANSLATION FOR EVDOKIA (EVTHOKIA ). It was fortuitous that I changed from ( ugh- Evelyn) to DiAn as my adult life has been prosperous, happy, healthy and, at times, fabulous global travel. I firmly believe the name one carries for life was meant to be.

  2. My mom’s name is Evdokia but they call her Dikea here in the states. I like it. I want to name my daughter after her.
    My grandpa is Greek. He came here off the boat. She was named after his mother so if you’re Greek or know the Greek tradition, you know she’s the first daughter he had.

  3. I am greek and my name is Evdokia I had a little bit of an idea of where my name came from.
    I knew it comes from a saint but I have no who saint Evdokia is. I got my name from my grandma.

  4. The name is used a lot on the Greek Islands, I have found. Mainlanders don’t seem to know the name as much.

    Evie, Kia, Phonia, Kitsa is another nickname if you want to say it in Greek. Doc’s, Eve, Vonnie (from Yvonne as its translation into an English name) is the nickname in English.

    It’s a good name with deep history and meaning… until someone who is not Greek tries to pronounce it, then it just comes out all wrong! lol Like when you are at school or waiting for the doctor… its usually evd?? evdddo??… then they go for the surname and they give up there too with all the alphabet letters lol


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