Evdoksia or Evdoxia

Evdoksia or Evdoxia is a female Greek name which derives from the Greek words “Ev” and “doksa”, that mean good and fame respectively; therefore, Evdoxia is the one who has a “good name”, the “reputable ” one.

evdoksia female greek name

Sound of name Evdoxia: Ev-do-kseé-a

Male Version of name Evdoksia: Evdoksos (not in use)

Nameday of Evdoksia: January 31st

Origin of name Evdoksia – Agia Evdoksia

The name Evdoksia refers to a girl who lived during the reign of Diocletian.

She was one of the daughters of Agia Athanasia, along with Theodoti and Theoktisti. Athanasia was arrested by the ruler of her town due to her faith to the Christian religion.

When Kyros and Ioannis learned about the arrest, they decided to take care of the girls. However, they were all arrested and brought to the ruler. They all declared their faith to God.

The ruler decided to use any possible means to make them adopt the pagan symbols again. Athanasia believed that the soul of man can remain intact only in eternity. Her daughters were happy because they would leave this world along with their mother and live the eternal life.

The ruler became furious with all these statements and ordered severe tortures for the women and men arrested. After a few days of tortures they decapitated St Kyros and St Ioannis by sword. The same happened to Agia Athanasia and her three daughters.

The Greek Orthodox Church celebrates the memory and nameday of Evdoksia on January 31st.

Nicknames deriving from name Evdoksia

Evdoksia has just a few nicknames and diminutives. The most common ones are: Doksoula, Doksi, Evdoksoula, Sia

The Names Fairy reveals the meaning of name Evdoksia

Evdoksia is a confident woman; she likes being involved in many different things because she knows that she can deal with them successfully.


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