Athanasia is a Greek female name, the respective of  name Athanasios. Name Athanasia is not that commonly used in its full form. The name comes from the Greek word “athanatos” and “athanasia” which mean immortal and immortality respectively.

athanasiaSound of Name Athanasia: A-tha-na-s’i-a

Male Version of Name Athanasia: Athanasios

Nameday of name Athanasia: January 18th and May 2nd

Origin of name Athanasia – Athanasios the Great

The name Athanasia, as a female respective of name Athanasios, has been in use since the antiquity, although not that common in ancient Greece. For the Greek Orthodox Church, the name is associated with Athanasios of Alexandria, also known as Agios Athanasios (Saint Athanasios) or Athanasios the Great. Information on Athanasios can be found in the post for the name Thanassis, the most common diminutive of name Athanasios.

Nicknames deriving from name Athanasia

Name Athanasia features a few nicknames and diminutives, such as: Nasia, Nagia, Nancy, Soula, Sia, Thanasia, Thanasoula, Nasa, Sania.

The name’s fairy reveals the meaning of the name Athanasia

Athanasia is a simple and nice person, but she can easily be influenced by others. She is sensitive and always eager to express her agonies. She is not very stable in her opinions, but she can be very reliable at work.

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  1. Um, no…I am far from simple, nice is not usually the word used to describe me, no one can change my oppinion, and I am very stable in my oppinions. I go by my middle name, but the so called “nicknames” are something I would never consider. I give you points for saying I’m reliable and express my agonies quickly, but that’s about it. O_o


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