Kostas is a male Greek name, one of the most common names given to Greek men. It is the most common nickname deriving from the name Konstantinos (Constantine) and it comes from the Latin word “constans” meaning constant and steadfast.

KostasSound of name Kostas: Ko’-stas

Nameday of Name Kostas: May 21st

Female version of name Kostas: Konstantina

Origin of the name Kostas – Saint Constantine

Name Kostas comes from the Roman emperor Caesar Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus Augustus, mostly known as Constantine the Great. He was Emperor from 306, best known for supporting the Christian religion, although until the end of his life in 337 he, himself, was a pagan. It is not known whether he adopted the Christian religion earlier in his life, although the influence of his Christian Mother Eleni (Helen) was huge. Historians have evidence and reports showing that Constantine practically adopted Christianity when he was dying.
Constantine is mostly known due to two main reasons: He was the first who moved the capital of the Byzantine Empire from Rome to Byzantine that was renamed to Constantinople and which remained the capital and hub of the Byzantine Empire for more than a thousand years. He was also the Emperor who reversed the decree issued by Emperor Diocletian who was a big persecutor of the new religion. Constantine, on the contrary, signed the famous Edict of Milan in 313 AD proclaiming religious toleration throughout the Empire.
The Eastern Orthodox Church recognized the influence of Constantine and his mother Helen to the development and spreading of the Christian Religion and proclaimed both of them Saints. The Roman Catholic Church does not recognize Constantine the Great as a Saint, though, claiming other Constantines as Saints of the Latin Church.

Nicknames deriving from the name Kostas – Konstantinos

Name Kostas comes, as we mentioned from the name Konstantinos, which features many nicknames: Kostas, Kostis, Konstantis, Kostakis, Ntinos, Kotsos, Gus, Nino, Kotsakis, Kostaras, Constas, Akis. Today, though, the use of the full name “Konstantinos” is becoming more popular, as use of nicknames is anyway considered more outdated.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of the name Kostas

Kostas is a stable character, very self aware and solid as a person, doing great at work due to his persistence. Although he looks social, he is mostly introverted. Kostas is usually subordinate (psychologically) to some woman, his mother or wife.

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