Konstantina is a female Greek name, the respective version of name Konstantinos, which is much more common in this male version. Konstantina is a word-name whose origins can be found in the latin word constans, which means constant.

KonstantinaSound of name Konstantina: Kon-sta-nti’-na

Male version of name Konstantina: Konstantinos

Nameday of name Konstantina: 21st of May

Origin of name Konstantina

The name Konstantina comes from the word constans, as we said, but as a name it is associated with Constantine the Great. For additional information, check the origin of name Kostas.

Nicknames deriving from the name Konstantina

Name Konstantina has a few diminutives and nicknames such as: Ntina, Konstantia, Ntinaki, Ntimi, Kostoula, Tina, Konstans

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of the name Konstantina

Konstantina is rather solid and stable as a character and quite persistent. This makes her quite good in her job as well. She is quite introverted, but can be very social and open when with people she likes a lot.

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