Thanassis is a very common Greek male name; it is a nickname of the name Athanasios, which is not that commonly used in its full form. The name comes from the Greek word “athanatos” and “athanasia” which mean immortal and immortality respectively.

thanassisSound of Name Thanassis: Tha-na’s-sis

Female Version of Name Thanassis: Athanassia

Nameday of name Thanassis: January 18th and May 2nd

Origin of name Thanassis – Athanasios the Great

The name Thanassis or Athanasios in its full form is known since the antiquity, although it was not that much in use by ancient Greeks. For the Greek Orthodox Church, the name is associated with Athanasios of Alexandreia, also known as Saint Athanasius or Athanasios the Great. He was episcope and Patriarch of Alexandria in Egypt and he is considered one of the four Fathers of the Eastern Orthodox Church.
Athanasios was mostly known due to his strong opposition against Arians during the Byzantine Era. He was the main prosecutor of the Arian preaching and he managed to achieve the condemnation of the preaching as heretic.
Athanasios was criticizing Emperor Constantine the Great, due to his policy against the new religion. Constantine was not baptized Christian yet and was very much annoyed by the criticism; Athanasios was send to Rome and he stayed there until the death of Constantine. He returned to in 364 AD after many years in exile. The church honored him declaring him a Saint and “Great”.

Nicknames deriving from name Thanassis – Athanasios

Thanassis is a nickname itself, the most common one deriving from name Athanasios. Some other common nicknames are: Nasos, Sakis, Akis, Thanassakis, Thanos, Sannis.

The name’s fairy reveals the meaning of the name Thanassis

Thanassis is simple and kind; he is easily influenced by others and always tries to express his agonies. He is not very stable person but he is considered a good man.

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