Famous Greeks by name Giannis

Name Giannis or Yiannis, is the second most common male name in Greece after Giorgos.

Giannis  or Ioannis is the Greek version of name John and is found in many languages as well.

Here we will be giving a short list of Greeks named Giannis, Ioannis or Yiannis, along with a description of their profession in a few words.

Famous Greeks by name Giannis

  • Giannis Ritsos: Greek poet, one of the most distinguished poets in Greece during the 20th century
  • Giannis Tsarouchis: famous Greek painter and artist
  • Giannis Skaribas: Greek poet and author
  • Ioannis Metaksas: Greek politician and prime minister during the Greek – Italian War 1940
  • Ioannis Kapodistrias: The first ruler of Greece, 1831
  • Giannis Panoussis: famous criminologist and academic
  • Ioannis Polemis: Greek poet
  • Giannis Markopoulos: Greek composer of political and love songs
  • Giannis Papaioannou: Greek composer of laika songs
  • Giannis Poulopoulos: Greek singer of the 70s
  • Giannis Parios: the singer of love, a popular and beloved Greek singer
  • Giannis Kalantzis: famous Greek singer of the 70s and 80s
  • Giannis Kotsiras: Greek singer
  • Giannis Charoulis: Greek singer and composer from Crete
  • Giannis Vardis: Greek singer, son of Antonis Vardis
  • Giannis Aggelakas: Greek singer
  • Giannis Ploutarchos: Greek singer
  • Giannis Miliokas: Greek singer and composer
  • Giannis Koutras: Greek singer
  • Giannis Mpezos: Greek actor
  • Giannis Gkionakis: Greek actor
  • Giannis Zouganelis: Greek actor and performer
  • Giannis Vouros: Greek actor and politician
  • Giannis Dimaras: Greek journalist and politician
  • Giannis Ioannidis: Greek basketball trainer and politician
  • Ioannis Melissanidis: Greek athlete, gold medalist in the Olympics of Atlanta 1996
  • Giannis Tseklenis: Greek fashion designer
  • Giannis Mpoutaris: famous Greek wine maker, elected as the mayor of the city of Thessaloniki in 2010
  • Yanni, the famous Greek composer

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  1. I have much appreciated this website, and have found it very useful.

    You should add to this list of famous Greeks with the name Giannis the one most famous in America, Giannis Antetokounmpo, basketball player with the Milwaukee Bucks and current NBA MVP.


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